Friday, April 30, 2010

"Don's Birthday....."

Last Sunday, we celebrated Don's birthday. Yes, he is only 1 year younger than me, although looks much younger. It must have been all my years of hard living/drinking that has made me look so much older, eh? ;)

All of his presents were of the liquid persuasion. This Glenmorangie Astar Scotch is one he has not had, but I am confident he will like it.

The closest I was able to get from my barely awake boy in the way of a smile.

His bottle of Pierre Ferrand Cognac, which he has had before and enjoys.

And something new......called "Old Sugar Factory", which is distilled here in Madison. I thought we should try it since it distilled locally. Turns out, it is very nice.

Here I am finishing the icing on his cake.......

Drizzling homemade chocolate sauce on top (his Mom used to do that......the tradition continues).

We celebrated later that day out on the deck where we were joined by Rob.

As you can see, my boy is awake and smiling now. :) He also shared his Old Sugar Factory and everyone there agreed it was very good, too.

Don's birthday cake was served with homemade ice cream. The ice cream was delicious, too!

Anna and Henry also joined us for cake and ice cream.

As did Papa Michael.......

Andy stopped over quickly a bit later when he got home from working late, but the camera wasn't in use then. Don and I had a very nice day, culminating in the gathering of friends on the deck. Happy Birthday Pato, with wishes for many, many more!

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MollyBeees said...

Happy Birthday Don! Yummy lookin' cake that!