Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday we were able to ride on some of the streets in Madison WITHOUT having cars allowed on them as well. John Nolen Drive, starting close to Olin Park and towards downtown, was one of the ones that was partially closed off for biking, walking, or jogging. There is Don on his "tadpole" trike.........

Once again, Don on his trike......

Who is that bulk of a man????? As you can see by my wearing a long sleeved flannel shirt, it was "CHILLY", but a gorgeous day, none the less. I was able to take it off a bit later in the morning.

A couple of kite fliers with their unusual kites along the route......

A view of the Capitol and downtown.....

More to follow......

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Rob's Birthday/Happy Hour...."

Happy Hour just happened to coincide with Friday being Rob's birthday, too, so a party was planned. :)

From left to right are: Mary, Made', Rob's brother Todd, Andy, Christina, Rob, Theron, and Javon.

Again from left to right are: me, Rob's sister Laura, Chuck, Gary, Mary, and Made', with Andy and Javon slightly in the photo.

Rob blowing out his candles on his birthday cake and "wishing" Mary and Made' look on.

I must admit that I was a little bit "naughty" with knitting Rob a birthday present. Rob with Susan in the background.

I knit Rob a "Willie Warmer"!!! As you can see by the laughter, it was quite fun when he opened the wrappings and discovered what they held. ;)

Did I embarrass him? Not at all! He immediately went home to try it on and come back to model it for us.....NOT!!!! ;)

Rob's sisters (L to R): Laura, Julie, with me.

And of course, how could we have a happy hour OR a birthday party on the deck without Benjamin (with Dad Andy).

A good time was had by all. We broke up fairly quickly as a thunder/lightening storm was imminent.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Another New Beginning........"


Younger brother Henry, helped Mom pack his lunch.

Simon busily tying his shoes in preparation......


Off we go!

Jonathan was fortunate in not having to be at work so early in the morning......and was able to accompany Simon and Maniphone, with Henry in tow, on their ride to school.

With his bike secured in the bike stand, Simon heads into school to find his.....

Locker!!! :)

Almost all set.....just a few more minutes until the bell! Taking a final look around to see who all was there and soon class will begin.

Good Luck Simon!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Sunday's Ride....."

We took a short bike ride on Sunday. Our usual route includes a stop down at Wingra Park, then over through Vilas Park, cutting over to Monona Bay, up the bike elevator in Monona Terrace, around the Capitol, down State Street, and a stop at Union Terrace, where we saw this guy being hoisted up the mast. Don had to do that a young child for his parents. :)

A great place for a good view, but not one I would enjoy.

Here is more my style......

On our way back, we come down from the bike path through Glenway Children's Park, where we saw Andy (looking quite solemn), Anglea, and Benjamin.

The see-saw's of today are certainly quite different than we had when young, eh? :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Saturday's Rides...."

Our 1st ride was early Saturday morning with Don and I riding over to Olin Park to meet Tim, a new acquaintance. Don has been reading blogs on a site called Live Journal. Tim, a local, has one that Don reads. We met Tim, along with a few other guys, also Live Journal people, a couple of weeks ago for dinner. Tim suggested we meet for a bike ride, thus Saturdays early ride.

It was a beautiful day. Cooler and bright sunshine. The ride we took with Tim was perhaps 14 miles, but with our riding to meet Tim at Olin Park, we added a few more miles onto it.

Out on the Capitol City Trail.......

Don with Lake Monona behind him. You can also see the Capitol's dome in the distance.

Our 2nd ride of the day on Saturday, was to try out a new Trek bike.....ELECTRIC ASSIST!!!!! This electric assist is different from others, in that it will only assist the rider IF the rider is pedaling. The Trek store we went to is on the west side near Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, along with a number of other stores in a large strip mall. To try out the bike, we rode behind many of these stores. It was a good area for testing the bike, as it has slopes and happened to have a strong head wind, too. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! When riding into the head wind AND up a slope, I felt as though I was riding on a flat surface on a calm day. Truly an amazing ride. Josh, the sales person we worked with, said that next year Trek will be having the electric assist on 5 different models of bikes. They are expensive, but I think "might" possibly be a part of my future at some point.......that means I have to save, save, save! :)

Don was sorry that he hadn't the camera out right as I got back from my ride. He and Josh both said something about the look on my face. I must admit that I was pretty excited. ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Thursday Night Offsite Happy Hour....."

Don's department from work made plans to attend High Tech Happy Hour last night, which was being held on the 2nd floor of the Union Terrace. It was actually the same room/balcony where we attended Michael and Anna's wedding reception. A PERFECT place for a large group gathering.....

Don snapped this shot of our thriving coleus on the front deck as we readied to leave for seems to enjoy where it lives, eh? :)

We parked in the Lake Street Parking Ramp and walked to the Union through the Library Mall. We stopped to take a few photos on our way there. I have taken photos of Red Gym from the lake and Union Terrance, but not from this vantage point, so figured it was about time to do so. I love the look of this building. Our friend, Geoff, has his office in it.

A view of some of the rather ominous rain clouds that were a major part of yesterday's weather.

Another view of Red Gym from the 2nd floor balcony at Union Terrace.

Don and co-workers, Krystal and Jim.

More co-workers from left to right: Chuck, who now shares an office with Don, Krystal, me, Chester, Gary (not a co-worker, but Rob's brother in law and one of the hosts of yesterday's happy hour), and Jim.

The weather cooperated during the event, but changing as we left from bright sunshine to a light drizzle of rain. We had a very nice strange for us to be out on a "school night". ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Rosa and New Puppy....."

Sadly, our friend Becky, and her daughter Rosa, had to put their little dog, "Rosebud" to sleep. It happened a few months ago.

Happily, they just got a new puppy that we have not met yet, but Becky sent Don a couple of photos. It looks like he/she has made him/herself quite at home. :)

I'm sure the puppy will be quite lost without Rosa when she goes back to school in a few weeks.....or should I amend that to Rosa will be quite lost without her new friend while at school? ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Last Friday Continued....."

Kai must have started getting a little fussy as Geoff stood up and began to do the "parent rock" to give him some sense of motion. By the way, Geoff is the father of twins as well, so he is quite aware of what Jacob and Krista are experiencing.

Angela and Benjamin joined Joe on the "upper" deck......

There are always willing and capable arms to hold babies while socializing at our Lonny so aptly proves.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Last Friday......."

We had a nice gathering last Friday. Gunda, with husband Jim, stopped by. Gunda began winding yarn for crocheting into a small ball from the large cone (do you think she'll have enough yarn to finish a project?!) using a handle of a wire whisk until I got out my "ball winder" for her to try. She, as you can see, was delighted with how it worked!

Gunda industriously winding yarn while husband Jim looks on. Me talking to Joe with Copper looking hopefully at my hands, thinking I was going to conjure up something to eat I suppose. :)

Geoff and Barb also stopped by to visit. Geoff is holding Kai, one of Jacob and Krista's twins.

Lonnie politely stopped chatting to have his photo taken while talking to Krista, who is holding daughter Zoe, Kai's twin.

I missed this whole scenario, so have no clue as to what was going on........

More tomorrow........

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Remembering Sherry....."

Sad news last week. Our neighbor Charlie lost her mother, Sherry. We were fortunate to have known her......

Frank, Sherry, me.......

Sherry and daughter, Charlie.......

Lonnie holding onto Jillian, Frank, Sherry Don, me....

Sherry and Charlie.....