Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Last Friday......."

We had a nice gathering last Friday. Gunda, with husband Jim, stopped by. Gunda began winding yarn for crocheting into a small ball from the large cone (do you think she'll have enough yarn to finish a project?!) using a handle of a wire whisk until I got out my "ball winder" for her to try. She, as you can see, was delighted with how it worked!

Gunda industriously winding yarn while husband Jim looks on. Me talking to Joe with Copper looking hopefully at my hands, thinking I was going to conjure up something to eat I suppose. :)

Geoff and Barb also stopped by to visit. Geoff is holding Kai, one of Jacob and Krista's twins.

Lonnie politely stopped chatting to have his photo taken while talking to Krista, who is holding daughter Zoe, Kai's twin.

I missed this whole scenario, so have no clue as to what was going on........

More tomorrow........

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