Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"APT Saturday...."

Last Saturday was a morning of rain and storms. At one point, we were without electricity. Knitting with dark blue yarn in a dimly lit room isn't easy, so we rigged up this battery lantern for me to see better.

Later Saturday, we had plans to meet some of Don's relatives, from Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa at American Players Theatre, in Spring Green, WI. Thankfully, the weather cleared and it was sunny, although the heat and humidity came on with a vengeance! A picnic was planned prior to the play. We chose a couple of tables that were on top of a rise, which turned out to be a good spot as a breeze was blowing, keeping us cooler than otherwise would have been possible in a still air atmosphere.

Below from left to right are: cousin Sherry, her mother Jodie, and Jodie's husband, Roy.

Here we have again from left to right are: cousin Chris, her son, Nathan, and cousin Beth. Beth, Chris, and Sherry are sisters.

From left to right: Jonathan, Chris's husband, and their son, Simon, plus me.

Don and his cousin Sherry. These are cousins from his mother's brother's family.

It happened to be Chris's birthday, too. We gave her a knitted wool scarf.......just what she needed to model on such a horrifically hot/humid day. Seated next to her is her son Nathan and standing is her sister Beth.

Seated are Nathan and Chris. Standing from left to right are Simon, Beth's husband Michael, and Beth.

Inside the theatre from left to right starting with the back row: me, Nathan, and Simon. Second row left to right: Jonathan, Chris, Beth, and Michael. In front: Jodie and Roy.

I posted this photo of Sherry so that you could see the stage set in the background. We saw the play "Hay Fever" by Noel Coward.

Don found this side by side photo of when he and Sherry were children. Neither have changed. ;)

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