Friday, April 5, 2013

"I'm Still Alive.....And Older!"

I celebrated my 63rd birthday on Wednesday.  Why is it that one doesn't think of themselves as "old', yet when they see their age in black and white, it looks so old?  Oh well, time to get over that!  LOL

Don once again surprised me Wednesday morning by taking a vacation day so that we do "fun stuff' the entire day.  That began with breakfast in Mount Horeb (the same place we had gone last year), then some exploring of the "Drift-less Area" (I love all those narrow valleys and driving on top of ridges, seeing the expansive views!), until coming home to kill some time before going to see the movie "Return to Oz".  We both found it enjoyable but not "great".  Last but not least, we went to dinner, joined by our friend, Rob, to a Mexican restaurant that we enjoy, Cancun, where I was presented with a piece of birthday cake at the end of our meal.  OH BOY!   ;)