Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Bowl and Bike Ride...."

I knitted this bowl for my sisters friends, Allison and Rob. They stayed with us overnight, if you remember, on their way to Minnesota. It's going to function as a "remote" catch all. :)

Don and I went for bike rides both Saturday and Sunday. We stayed in town, so Don was able to ride his trike, which he is really, really enjoying. This photo was taken at the Olin Park boat launch.

We also stopped at the Orton Park Neighborhood Festival each day. They had live bands and the people watching was top notch, too. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

"New Mom's....."

Kim, from down the block stopped by with 6 month old Ruby. They have stopped and talked a number of times, but this was the first time they have come up and joined us for happy hour.

I think Kim was happy to have some time to herself with some adults while Ruby happily sat on.....

.......New Mom Angela's lap! It was a nice surprise for us when we saw Angela come out her door and head on over! Doesn't she look fantastic????

Monday, August 18, 2008

"After Surgery....."

Tim and Amy's daughter, Alex, had surgery a few days ago. She had a birth mark on her head that began giving her problems early on. It would fill with blood, then break open, scab up, and continued that cycle. The small bandage on the side of her head shows where all this took place and is now repaired. The area on her forehead will require surgery also, but at a later date.

According to her now vastly relieved parents, she is happy and doing very well, not showing any signs that she'd had anything done. :)

I took the liberty of using the photo they sent in their email on my blog. They certainly have some cute children, eh? :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Hand Spun........"

I only have 1 photo for today's blog entry. This is the pair of socks I knitted from my hand spun Icelandic Sheep Roving, that I received from Joan, who lives in Maine. I am happy with the way they turned out.......they definitely will be warm! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Benjamin Burk........."

Andy, our new proud Papa, with Benjamin Burk. Don has gotten a few photos, but all pretty much "on the run". Andy hasn't been able to come sit down with us for any length of time. BB likes to be "on the move".....

Just beginning to "not" be a happy camper..........

Another shot of a now sleeping BB.

A closer view.....

I GOT TO HOLD HIM!!! Andy was carrying him in a front chest carrier (I have no idea as to what they are called), coming from a walk, when BB was not happy at all. Andy came up on the deck where I was able to help him undo the last strap of the baby carrier and I got to hold him for a very short time. He was HUNGRY! (and possibly had a diaper that needed changing as well) I look forward to the time when they will be able to sit down with us for awhile and I get to hold him for a longer time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Recumbent Rally.....Part 2"

This was the 2 wheeled recumbent that Don found to be the most comfortable/maneuverable to ride, although he is not interested in getting another one. If the shorter wheel base would be easier to ride uphill compared to his long wheel base bike, he might be tempted, but it would not (he asked an "expert"), so our "bike stable" will remain the same. :)

This is the tandem we tried out. I had to be up front because of our leg lengths...the front allowed more room for longer legs. We didn't even do the whole test course, because I kept hitting my calf when we made any turns, so we took the shortcut back to the starting point.

All Don said as he rode by was, "so not, oh, so not"......

Here is the closeup of the commuter trike (my word/description for it). Up close it seemed so much larger than when seen on the test course. It has a battery for turn signals, running lights, and even a windshield wiper on it's center front window.

That is a solar panel on the seat. It was charging up the battery (s?) for the riders ham radio. It is not there when he rides, only when parked.

As you can see from these few photos, there were many "sights" to see at the rally. We had a very good time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Recumbent Rally.....Part 1"

Don and I drove up to Stevens Point on Friday, to attend a Recumbent Rally, sponsored by Hostel Shoppe, a fantastic source for recumbent bikes/trikes.

We arrived mid afternoon and did a little driving around to "see the sights" of Stevens Point. While driving in town, I noticed this little group grazing in a backyard, so we turned around to take a few photos of them. Mom got a little antsy when we stopped so she slowly walked off to the surrounding woods area, but the fawns stayed and continued to graze.

The next day we drove to Amhurst, WI, where the rally was to take place. The Hostel shoppe moved the rally out to Amhurst, because of some construction taking place where the rally usually is held. Don hadn't known of the move when he made our hotel reservations, so we were near the shop, but I do not think he could have gotten us any closer to the rally because I did not see any hotels/motels in Amhurst (a VERY small town/village).

Here is Don taking a test ride on a trike. There will be a close up photo of the "commuters trike" in tomorrows blog.

I have never tried a trike with "seat side" controls. It was comfortable, but wasn't set for the length of my legs.

Another trike that Don liked and found very comfortable and easy to ride. He thought the control and maneuverability was exceptional.

He is trying out a "tadpole" style, which is also the type he has here at home. We chatted quite a bit with this woman and her husband. They lived down near St. Louis and had very nice things to say about biking in Madison. Their biking experiences in Madison were wonderful when compared to what they were used to in their area.

More tomorrow.......

Friday, August 8, 2008

"My 1st Experience Washing Raw Fleece....."

I had contacted Joan, in Maine, whom I had received a "sample" of Icelandic Sheep Roving from a few months ago, to buy a raw fleece (meaning straight from the sheep) from her. The fleece she sent, was from Molly, and is absolutely beautiful! It is a very dark wool with various lighter highlights.

Below is my "set up", with all the things required (or so I hoped), to wash my fleece. I used Dawn dish detergent, which I had read on a few of my Yahoo spinning groups, was a good detergent to use for washing fleece. I also had found 2 wire baskets at our local Dollar Store, that I thought would make excellent holders for the fleece, while being dipped in the wash/rinse water. :) You also can see my salad spinner, that I would use to "spin dry" the finished fleece, prior to rolling it in a towel, and then setting it out to air dry. And of course, the timer, to set for a 15 minute soak for the wash part of the process. :)

The raw fleece........

The raw fleece in it's "soaking/wash cycle"......

The washed fleece in the "rinse cycle"......

The washed/rinsed fleece in the salad spinner for it's "spin cycle".

The "spun dry" fleece......

The fleece prior to it being rolled up in a towel to take more moisture from it before it is set out to air dry.

The finished fleece air drying.

More photos to come when I get ready to use it for spinning.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Our Visit....."

Don and I went to visit Andy, Angela, and their newborn son, Benjamin Burk, at the hospital yesterday. Needless to say, although I am going to, he is a CUTIE!!!!

Angela refused to have a photo taken with him, not feeling her best (although she looked WONDERFUL!!!), so Andy is the only parent we have in this photo shoot with Benjamin. When we arrived, Angela was feeding Benjamin..........she is a natural! Both she and Andy were calm and collected, and I don't think it was from being tired either. :)

Angela's mother was there as well, and will possibly be taking the name of Oma, with Angela's father being called Opa. She will be here in the hood for a few days, helping out. Angela and Benjamin are being released today, so will be coming home to begin establishing their new lives. :)

Introducing Benjamin Burk, with proud (and exhausted) Papa Andy.

Here I am admiring the length of Benjamin's feet. We are VERY anxious to have them home and settled in......so we can get more time with Benjamin......and of course, with Andy and Angela, too!!!!

Andy holding Benjamin prior to his changing his diaper, which we did not stay to witness. :)

As I just said, but will again, we are very excited to have them home and settled in. I WANT TO GET IN SOME "BABY HOLDING" TIME!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"A Day To Remember!!!!"

I received a call from our neighbor, Rob, who'd received a call from Andy. Ocean Ernie (THAT is the name Andy used when telling Rob), was born at 7:30 this morning. Angela is well (AND with NO drugs!!!) and both are doing fine. Ocean weighed 8# 2oz. Rob did not know his length, so that will be reported on at a later time. :)

There is a story that we will all be interested to hear.....Andy almost fainted at some point during the delivery. :) I can't wait to hear this one. We know that Andy has a faint heart when it comes to blood, etc. so were not sure how he would do during all of this. We'll soon find out, eh?

Happy Birthday to Ocean and our best wishes to the proud parents as well!!!

P.S. Later this evening we talked with Andy when he came home to sleep for a few hours....Ocean Ernie's "real name" is Benjamin Burk. Both names have significant meaning from both sides of his family.

"CD Release Party...."

As mentioned earlier, we went to a party for the release of a new CD of Clovis Mann. It was held at the EVP Coffee Shop on Mineral Point and Glenway. This is me, with Dan, who is the lead singer and also plays guitar/steel guitar.

Rob, me, and Erica, who is Dan's girlfriend and "Muse" for many of the songs he has written.

The band setting up.......

A little harmonica action.....

Dan in action.....

We had a really nice time. The band provided food/drink and great music. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

"A Sparkle and Quiet Happy Hour...."

The "Sparkle" refers to Charlies new ring. It is her gift from Lonnie for their 10th anniversary.

Friday nights happy hour was a quiet one. We were delighted to have Angela wander over to sit for awhile, too! For those of you who are not aware of her due date.....it was last Tuesday....so she is definitely uncomfortable, and oh so ready for their son's birth.

Barb stopped by, bringing Koshi, her dog, to see how he reacted to our chickens, as she and Geoff hope to have chickens in their backyard by next Spring. The plan seems to be a "go", as he didn't react to them at all.

Here she is chatting with Andy and Rob.......

Geoff, "centering himself", prior to his performing his "Hip Hop" routine for his "Homies".....NO! I'm Just Kidding!!!! (not that he couldn't..... if he wanted to.....) ;)

Andy and Rob staring at Angela.....Rob had to remove his glasses to be sure of what he was seeing.......

As you can see by the look on my face....I, too, was a bit "taken aback" by the sight of Angela's exposed stomach. :)

Seems that many times we have something "unusual" happen at our happy hours......Friday night proved no different. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

"CD Release Party Tonight....."

I've no photos for today. Not much is happening, although, we are going to a CD release party tonight over at EVP on Mineral Point.

Clovis Mann is releasing a CD and we've been invited to attend. Dan, a guitarist (boyfriend of Cross St. neighbor, Erica), is one of the band members that we've met.

It should be fun. Happy Hour is on as usual, although it will end earlier....for us anyway.