Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"A Day To Remember!!!!"

I received a call from our neighbor, Rob, who'd received a call from Andy. Ocean Ernie (THAT is the name Andy used when telling Rob), was born at 7:30 this morning. Angela is well (AND with NO drugs!!!) and both are doing fine. Ocean weighed 8# 2oz. Rob did not know his length, so that will be reported on at a later time. :)

There is a story that we will all be interested to hear.....Andy almost fainted at some point during the delivery. :) I can't wait to hear this one. We know that Andy has a faint heart when it comes to blood, etc. so were not sure how he would do during all of this. We'll soon find out, eh?

Happy Birthday to Ocean and our best wishes to the proud parents as well!!!

P.S. Later this evening we talked with Andy when he came home to sleep for a few hours....Ocean Ernie's "real name" is Benjamin Burk. Both names have significant meaning from both sides of his family.

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TTWriter said...

Tell Angela and Andy congratulations from us when you see them!
Sara, Travis, and Jonas