Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Recumbent Rally.....Part 2"

This was the 2 wheeled recumbent that Don found to be the most comfortable/maneuverable to ride, although he is not interested in getting another one. If the shorter wheel base would be easier to ride uphill compared to his long wheel base bike, he might be tempted, but it would not (he asked an "expert"), so our "bike stable" will remain the same. :)

This is the tandem we tried out. I had to be up front because of our leg lengths...the front allowed more room for longer legs. We didn't even do the whole test course, because I kept hitting my calf when we made any turns, so we took the shortcut back to the starting point.

All Don said as he rode by was, "so not, oh, so not"......

Here is the closeup of the commuter trike (my word/description for it). Up close it seemed so much larger than when seen on the test course. It has a battery for turn signals, running lights, and even a windshield wiper on it's center front window.

That is a solar panel on the seat. It was charging up the battery (s?) for the riders ham radio. It is not there when he rides, only when parked.

As you can see from these few photos, there were many "sights" to see at the rally. We had a very good time.

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