Thursday, February 27, 2014

"2nd Aero Garden Started......"

Don and I stopped at "The Grow Store" ( because I searched online and knew they carried heritage tomato seeds from a somewhat local supplier (Copemish, MI....not too far south of us) called Marianna's Heirloom Seeds (  I was really amazed at what one can do to set up hydroponic gardening.........actually, they have products for ANY gardening need!  As I said, the store has everything one needs to be successful in growing plants hydroponically, and, although they do not carry Aero Gardens or supplies, they can easily order them and have them for us in a very timely manner.  Hooray for local!!!  ;)

So this morning I set up our other Aero Garden with 3 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds.  Unfortunately, the adaptive accessory that I had planned on using for planting my seeds in the Aero Garden must not have made the move from WI.  If it did, it was not with all the Aero Garden supplies or equipment, but "luckily and with foresight", Don had bought 2 different "seed planting kits" that do the same thing.  I can only start 7 pods of plants at a time, but that shouldn't be a problem.  Once the seeds germinate and are sturdy, I plan on transplanting them to the windowsill and replanting the pods with another round of seeds.  Hopefully, this experiment goes as planned.  ;)

Here is the oldest (and shortest) of our Aero Gardens newly planted.  I have 2 pods with "Golden Grape Cherry Tomatoes", 2 pods with "Hana" (a yellow-gold striped salad tomato), and 3 pods of a larger green tomato called "Wild Thyme".

Friday, February 21, 2014

"Aero Garden Cherry Tomatoes...."

I set up our Aero Garden several weeks ago with pods containing "Mega Cherry Tomatoes".  Unfortunately, I did not take photos of it earlier, but remembered to begin documenting its growth Wednesday, February 5 when we saw the first blossoms.

I took this photo this morning after seeing this little guy late yesterday......

Each time I have raised the light to accommodate growing plants, my hands have touched the plants and come away smelling like Summer.  :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Last Sunday and SUN!"

Copper must be ready for the "outdoor life" again.  She took advantage of the warmer temperatures and sun we had last Sunday.  :)  Don took these first 2 through the window......

He'd hoped to get a few good photos of her lying down by going out on the front porch, but she was too quick for him.  Once she heard him come out, she had to come and see why.  ;)

She had another chance to enjoy the sunshine and even warmer temperatures yesterday.....and yes, she did lie down once again.  ;)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I read a post on Facebook in December about growing Ginger.  I happened to be going to our local Co-op that day, so bought a root of organic ginger.  After thawing out the compost brought in from the garage, and soaking the root in water overnight, I then planted the root just below the surface of the soil, and began waiting for something to happen.......and waited.......and waited........and waited.  It took several weeks before I saw the first buds breaking through the soil.

I began taking photos of their growth every few days....some days I saw noticeable growth from the day before and when I saw that 3rd little bud peeking through the soil, I documented it immediately!

Soon after that, bud number four broke through the soil!

Once the buds peeked through, they grew quickly!

I must admit at this point that I had not researched anything beyond what I had originally read about day it is to grow ginger in pots.  I was focused on getting the root planted and growing that I hadn't found out what it even looks like when fully "leafed out", or even how tall it will get! :)

Before I forget.....for those of you wondering about the coleus plant behind the potted ginger root, I gave up watering it awhile ago.  It would have these nice shoots and then they would just wilt and keel over.  I should just remove it and put it in the compost.....perhaps now that I am writing about it, I will follow through and do that, eh?  ;)

The ginger is really looking "grass like".  This photo was taken a few days ago......

And this one I took this morning.  See what I mean about quick jumps in growth?

I figured that while I was writing this post, I should include some info about growing ginger, etc.  Here is a link for those of you interested in growing some, too.

I'm including a photo that I found online, as well, so you can see what a more developed plant looks like.

If you do pot up a root, please let me know how things go for you.  :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sorry "Bout" That....."

I guess it HAS been awhile since I last posted!  Thanks to you who wrote and questioned my absence.  :)  I guess we have been in the "routine" of snow falling and snow removal.  Not that I do much of that besides shoveling those hard to reach areas that the 47" snowblower on the tractor can't reach.  ;)  I admit it has been pure laziness on my part.

I have been doing a bit of "scarf" weaving, though.  Here is the beginning of a blue chenille one....

The completed scarf.  Unfortunately, when I took it out of the washer, 2 pieces of fringe got caught on the agitator and ripped loose from the scarf.  I'd hoped that I could hand sew them back no avail.  I cut the rest of the fringe off and hemmed the end.  Chenille "fabric" is not easy to hem, but the scarf is still functional and I'm sure will be wonderful to wear as it is SUPER, SUPER soft.  ;)

Another chenille scarf was done in a dark brown.  Here it is partially woven.  This chenille is a bit heavier than the blue so made a firmer scarf, although very soft, too.

The finished brown chenille scarf......

Here is the old "fringe twister" busy at work.  :)  This is the most current chenille scarf which is now drying after being washed.

I am sorry about being a slacker and not posting in a more timely manner.  Again, thanks to those who wrote and got my behind back in gear.  :)