Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I read a post on Facebook in December about growing Ginger.  I happened to be going to our local Co-op that day, so bought a root of organic ginger.  After thawing out the compost brought in from the garage, and soaking the root in water overnight, I then planted the root just below the surface of the soil, and began waiting for something to happen.......and waited.......and waited........and waited.  It took several weeks before I saw the first buds breaking through the soil.

I began taking photos of their growth every few days....some days I saw noticeable growth from the day before and when I saw that 3rd little bud peeking through the soil, I documented it immediately!

Soon after that, bud number four broke through the soil!

Once the buds peeked through, they grew quickly!

I must admit at this point that I had not researched anything beyond what I had originally read about day it is to grow ginger in pots.  I was focused on getting the root planted and growing that I hadn't found out what it even looks like when fully "leafed out", or even how tall it will get! :)

Before I forget.....for those of you wondering about the coleus plant behind the potted ginger root, I gave up watering it awhile ago.  It would have these nice shoots and then they would just wilt and keel over.  I should just remove it and put it in the compost.....perhaps now that I am writing about it, I will follow through and do that, eh?  ;)

The ginger is really looking "grass like".  This photo was taken a few days ago......

And this one I took this morning.  See what I mean about quick jumps in growth?

I figured that while I was writing this post, I should include some info about growing ginger, etc.  Here is a link for those of you interested in growing some, too.  http://herbgardens.about.com/od/indoorgardening/a/How-Can-I-Grow-My-Own-Ginger-Root-Indoors.htm

I'm including a photo that I found online, as well, so you can see what a more developed plant looks like.

If you do pot up a root, please let me know how things go for you.  :)

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