Friday, February 14, 2014

Sorry "Bout" That....."

I guess it HAS been awhile since I last posted!  Thanks to you who wrote and questioned my absence.  :)  I guess we have been in the "routine" of snow falling and snow removal.  Not that I do much of that besides shoveling those hard to reach areas that the 47" snowblower on the tractor can't reach.  ;)  I admit it has been pure laziness on my part.

I have been doing a bit of "scarf" weaving, though.  Here is the beginning of a blue chenille one....

The completed scarf.  Unfortunately, when I took it out of the washer, 2 pieces of fringe got caught on the agitator and ripped loose from the scarf.  I'd hoped that I could hand sew them back no avail.  I cut the rest of the fringe off and hemmed the end.  Chenille "fabric" is not easy to hem, but the scarf is still functional and I'm sure will be wonderful to wear as it is SUPER, SUPER soft.  ;)

Another chenille scarf was done in a dark brown.  Here it is partially woven.  This chenille is a bit heavier than the blue so made a firmer scarf, although very soft, too.

The finished brown chenille scarf......

Here is the old "fringe twister" busy at work.  :)  This is the most current chenille scarf which is now drying after being washed.

I am sorry about being a slacker and not posting in a more timely manner.  Again, thanks to those who wrote and got my behind back in gear.  :)

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Barb said...

Welcome back! The shawls are lovely.