Monday, August 11, 2008

"Recumbent Rally.....Part 1"

Don and I drove up to Stevens Point on Friday, to attend a Recumbent Rally, sponsored by Hostel Shoppe, a fantastic source for recumbent bikes/trikes.

We arrived mid afternoon and did a little driving around to "see the sights" of Stevens Point. While driving in town, I noticed this little group grazing in a backyard, so we turned around to take a few photos of them. Mom got a little antsy when we stopped so she slowly walked off to the surrounding woods area, but the fawns stayed and continued to graze.

The next day we drove to Amhurst, WI, where the rally was to take place. The Hostel shoppe moved the rally out to Amhurst, because of some construction taking place where the rally usually is held. Don hadn't known of the move when he made our hotel reservations, so we were near the shop, but I do not think he could have gotten us any closer to the rally because I did not see any hotels/motels in Amhurst (a VERY small town/village).

Here is Don taking a test ride on a trike. There will be a close up photo of the "commuters trike" in tomorrows blog.

I have never tried a trike with "seat side" controls. It was comfortable, but wasn't set for the length of my legs.

Another trike that Don liked and found very comfortable and easy to ride. He thought the control and maneuverability was exceptional.

He is trying out a "tadpole" style, which is also the type he has here at home. We chatted quite a bit with this woman and her husband. They lived down near St. Louis and had very nice things to say about biking in Madison. Their biking experiences in Madison were wonderful when compared to what they were used to in their area.

More tomorrow.......

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MollyBeees said...

Love the deer photo. Have you seen the moose and the sprinkler video that's all over the web yet. If not, go to YouTube and enter Moose and Sprinkler. It's amazing!