Friday, August 21, 2009

"Thursday Night Offsite Happy Hour....."

Don's department from work made plans to attend High Tech Happy Hour last night, which was being held on the 2nd floor of the Union Terrace. It was actually the same room/balcony where we attended Michael and Anna's wedding reception. A PERFECT place for a large group gathering.....

Don snapped this shot of our thriving coleus on the front deck as we readied to leave for seems to enjoy where it lives, eh? :)

We parked in the Lake Street Parking Ramp and walked to the Union through the Library Mall. We stopped to take a few photos on our way there. I have taken photos of Red Gym from the lake and Union Terrance, but not from this vantage point, so figured it was about time to do so. I love the look of this building. Our friend, Geoff, has his office in it.

A view of some of the rather ominous rain clouds that were a major part of yesterday's weather.

Another view of Red Gym from the 2nd floor balcony at Union Terrace.

Don and co-workers, Krystal and Jim.

More co-workers from left to right: Chuck, who now shares an office with Don, Krystal, me, Chester, Gary (not a co-worker, but Rob's brother in law and one of the hosts of yesterday's happy hour), and Jim.

The weather cooperated during the event, but changing as we left from bright sunshine to a light drizzle of rain. We had a very nice strange for us to be out on a "school night". ;)

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Barb said...

Hi Michael, Great shots! The one looking south across library mall is just terrific. It looks like an artist's rendering. Oh wait... it IS an artist's rendering! :)