Monday, August 24, 2009

"Saturday's Rides...."

Our 1st ride was early Saturday morning with Don and I riding over to Olin Park to meet Tim, a new acquaintance. Don has been reading blogs on a site called Live Journal. Tim, a local, has one that Don reads. We met Tim, along with a few other guys, also Live Journal people, a couple of weeks ago for dinner. Tim suggested we meet for a bike ride, thus Saturdays early ride.

It was a beautiful day. Cooler and bright sunshine. The ride we took with Tim was perhaps 14 miles, but with our riding to meet Tim at Olin Park, we added a few more miles onto it.

Out on the Capitol City Trail.......

Don with Lake Monona behind him. You can also see the Capitol's dome in the distance.

Our 2nd ride of the day on Saturday, was to try out a new Trek bike.....ELECTRIC ASSIST!!!!! This electric assist is different from others, in that it will only assist the rider IF the rider is pedaling. The Trek store we went to is on the west side near Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, along with a number of other stores in a large strip mall. To try out the bike, we rode behind many of these stores. It was a good area for testing the bike, as it has slopes and happened to have a strong head wind, too. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! When riding into the head wind AND up a slope, I felt as though I was riding on a flat surface on a calm day. Truly an amazing ride. Josh, the sales person we worked with, said that next year Trek will be having the electric assist on 5 different models of bikes. They are expensive, but I think "might" possibly be a part of my future at some point.......that means I have to save, save, save! :)

Don was sorry that he hadn't the camera out right as I got back from my ride. He and Josh both said something about the look on my face. I must admit that I was pretty excited. ;)

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