Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"On Our Way to Traverse City......"

We left Grand Haven fairly early Friday morning and stopped for a short visit to see Patrick and Abigail, before continuing on to Traverse City. Julie was working up in TC, and we would stop and see her at her office a little later in the day.

Here I am seeing Abigail in person for the 1st time since late October. We'd seen photos of how she has changed since that time, but seeing her in person is definitely amazing! Thank goodness she hasn't hit the shy stage yet, with people whom she hasn't seen before (I know she certainly doesn't remember me from October!!).

Getting re-aquainted.......she knows what to do with a camera in front of her. ;)

"NO! You can't have her! I just got her!" Or at least that is what this photo looks like. :)

I love hearing "baby giggles" and sounds of delight! :)

Playing "baby in the mirror"........

Seeing the camera man in the mirror.

Meeting the "camera man", Don, face to face for the first time.

She LOVES her Daddy!

More Easter weekend photos to follow...........


Barb said...

Great pictures! That one of Don and Abigail is just priceless! How was your birthday? WOW! 60! ;)

MollyBeees said...

She is just a living doll!Happy Birthday!

MollyBeees said...
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