Friday, April 16, 2010

"Another House We Looked At........"

On another day of exploration, we went to look at another house that I had found online. The place was built waaaaay up on a hill, and had a fantastic view of East Bay, and I'm pretty sure that West Bay could be seen, too.

When we drove up to the gate, we saw these 2 deer in front of the house......

And then 2 others joined the first 2. Right in the front yard! What a deal, eh? A view with wildlife!

The house has 3 bedrooms, each with its own bath, plus a great room, sauna, wood know, all the important things. ;)

Are you beginning see what I mean about the view?

From inside the great room (lowest deck).

A view from the upper deck, outside the office landing at the top of the stairs.

A beautiful place. It had some strange little things about it that the homeowner/builder did, but nothing that would stop us from wanting to live there. Someday we'll make our move.........

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