Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Pre-Birthday Dinner Visiting......"

As I mentioned yesterday, we also went to TC to celebrate my birthday........a significant one....60! Now, just when did I get this old??? Thank goodness I do not feel old, eh? (At least not toooooo often!).

Our plans were to have the kids join us for dinner Saturday, April 3, which was my birthday. We had reservations at Trattoria Stella (, which was right downstairs in the garden level of Building 50, here at The Grand Traverse Commons. Patrick, Julie, and Abigail were the 1st to arrive. They came a little earlier so that Abigail could be fed while in her "day" clothes, and could then be changed easily into her "party" clothes.

But first.....Grandpa had to have a little time with her. ;)

I had also packed numerous pairs of hand cranked socks, many of which were knitted in Julie's size......what a coincidence, eh? ;) I had her try them on for size (and for a photo "op", too! I need blog material).

A few pairs were hand dyed, others were knitted using commercially dyed yarn. Oh, I also had a few pairs that Patrick and Sean could wear, too. ;)

"Bottle time". Notice the "thin" version of me on the computer? Don had set the screen saver to show only our family photos, so many were coming up of when the kids were babies or young children.

Julie, Patrick, and Abigail, who is almost ready to change into her party dress. :)

Here she is all set for going down to dinner. Notice a "spare" dress was brought "just in case". Take notice of her "bunny slippers".

Abigail is ready.......Mom and Dad just have a few changes to make, then we wait for her Uncle Sean to arrive.

Surprises, birthday dinner, and presents soon to follow. ;)

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MollyBeees said...

Beautiful family! You are truly blessed. And you don't look even close to 60!