Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"A Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride........"

This post really shows how far I am from being current with my blog. This 1st photo is of opening day (April 17th) of the downtown Farmers Market on the Square. The day was a particularly beautiful one for the opening and for our bike ride, with Don taking several photos along the way, documenting our ride.

This group of drummers drew quite a crowd. I asked Don take a movie of them, too, which is located on the bottom of todays blog entry.

This group of kids were having a great time dancing to the beat of the drums.

Next stop was downtown, where there was a music performance on every corner along State Street as a fund raiser for the Literacy Network. The fund raiser was called "Busking for Books".

Continuing along our "usual" downtown route, we crossed Union Terrace. The wind was fairly high that day and Lake Mendota was pretty rough as you can see here in its crashing onto the Terrace lakefront.

We also stopped at the Allen Centennial Gardens where Don took numerous photos. The bulb displays was fantastic! With the days bright sun, the colors were vibrant.......unfortunately the camera can not do justice to the actual brilliance (my opinion only).

This bed of Peony Tulips, and its twin on the other side of the driveway, made quite the statement of lush beauty. Don doesn't get to be in too many photos unless he hands me the camera, which as you can see, he did that day. ;)

A nice display of planters waiting for this seasons arrangement. They made a nice addition to the garden display this way, too.

The brilliant yellow tulips......

When we arrived home after vacation, we found this little guy back by the chicken coop, thanks to Lonny and Charlie. He has made a nice addition to our backyard.

Farmers Market Drummers......

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MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous pics. I love the flamingo. My friend Wendell worked in a store one time and got a shipment of them in. He put them on the shelf and didn't know what they were called so he put a sign out the said "Pink Chickens". Nope. He's never lived it down. The giraffe is in Susan Anderson's wonderful book, "Itty Bitty Toys". The knitting is easy, just takes time to sew it all together. Susan even left me a comment on the blog entry! Swoon!