Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Season's First Big Happy Hour......"

Don and I decided we needed new deck furniture this season. The old green chairs had seen much better days and the folding chairs needed to be replaced, too. We found these to be comfortable, plus they gave us a "new look". ;) We have 6 of the basic formed chairs, these 2 mesh seats, which I like the best as they are a bit wider than the other 2 mesh seats we bought, plus 2 side tables.

Our other 2 mesh seats. As you can see from this photo, Don and I kept "our" green chairs. Both are our favorites and we find them extremely comfortable. Mine is a rocker, which I, of course, need with so many babies in the neighborhood. How else would they be able to be rocked to sleep on my lap? Priorities, my friends, priorities....

The more intimate grouping.....

Becca with me......

Andy and Rob looking on as Angela keeps Benjamin from trying to select more toasted bread for his plate of the bruschetta appetizer.

Rob chatting with Theron and Javon, with Michael and Henry coming up the deck steps behind them.

Anna bringing Henry over to see me while Becca sleeps in my lap (see what I mean about needing my rocker?).

Barb and Geoff checking on Becca, too.

Neighbors Tracie and Bridget also making an appearance.

Robin, with sons Simon and Oliver, stopped by as well. Copper is the boys main attraction when this photo was taken.

From left to right, neighbors Kim and Brian, Todd, his sons Simon and Oliver, Robin, and Copper.

Last but not least, are Jillian, with Mom Charlie and Papa Lonnie (enjoying his FAVORITE food.....CAKE! Anytime, any place). :)

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