Friday, April 9, 2010

"A BIG Surprise!"

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, we were waiting for Sean to arrive before we went downstairs to celebrate my birthday dinner. you can see from the photo below, Sean wasn't the only one to arrive. My daughter, Claire, who lives in Washington, DC, also came through the door!!!! After exclamations of shock, surprise, laughter, and hugs, I was told the story of "The Plan", in which EVERYONE but myself, knew of her plan to visit. I'm told that Sean, in a phone conversation with me, let it slip, but I certainly never "got it", and it just segued into another "story" that Claire was planning on picking him up this summer and they were driving over to Madison for a visit. Where did these kids get these devious genes????? ;)

Claire had never met her niece, Abigail, in the flesh, so a first introduction was being made in this photo.

Uncle Sean, Patrick, and Abigail........

Claire attended U of M and brought her niece a "onesie" of "HER" favorite college team. As you can see by Patrick's gesture, and being a Notre Dame fan, the onesie isn't "HIS" favorite team. ;) I "believe" that he also said when this photo was taken, "This better not show up on the web". Ahhhhhh......but it did. ;)

Thankfully, several photos were taken of this group.......most of which did not have my "soon to be 29 year old", acting like a teenager. :)

Downstairs at Trattoria Stella's, in the garden level of Grand Traverse Commons.

Don, our resident photographer, is finally included in a photo. :)

Soon to follow.........back up in the condo after dinner, opening presents, which brings yet another BIG surprise (a little "teaser", eh?).

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Barb said...

Oh what a lovely surprise! How nice that Claire flew in for the party. By the way, thanks for your consistent blogging will on vacation. It's really fun to follow your activities from afar.