Monday, April 5, 2010

"Grand Haven, MI.........."

Last Thursday, Don and I drove to Michigan. We stopped in Benton Harbor and went out to lunch with my sister, Sandy, and a mutual friend of ours, Allison. The 4 of us drove up to South Haven, MI, which was on our way to drive further north after lunch, to Grand Haven. We planned on spending the night there, visiting a cousin of mine, Susan, from my fathers side of the family. She had scanned numerous old photos of Dad's family and put them onto a USB key, which Don then downloaded onto his laptop. The following photo is one she hadn't scanned due to size, but Don took a photo of it. It is my grandparents wedding certificate. Surprisingly, Grandpa's last name was misspelled, leaving off one of the "L's" of our name. "HOWEVER", a cousin of my fathers, Harvey, in ancestry research, found that our last name "gained" an "L" in their 200 years of living in Quebec. Just a we bit of family history there. ;)

Susan made us dinner and afterwards, she and her daughter, Kendra, drove us over to the Grand Haven piers, timing it perfectly with the suns setting.

The day had been very warm, but as the sun set, plus with the wind blowing strongly from off the lake, the temperature began declining rapidly, so walking out to the end of the pier required jackets. Here are Don and Susan...........

Susan and me standing at the end of the pier in front of the lighthouse.

A view from the Lake Michigan end of the pier towards downtown Grand Haven.

A view towards the lake (approximately halfway) from of our walk back along the pier to the car. :)

We had a very nice time with Susan and Kendra. The day had been a nice start to our plans for spending Easter weekend with my children/grandchild.

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