Friday, April 23, 2010

"Headed Home......"

On our last day in Traverse City, we took one last stroll through the Mercato. Don is standing in what used to be an art gallery the first time we set foot in Grand Traverse Commons. It had been at the end of Phase 1, in the garden level. My how things have changed! :)

On our drive home, we stopped to visit (and for Don to meet), my Dad's sister, my Aunt Dorothea. She will turn 97 this July. She still is able to live on her own, drives, and continues doing all the various activities she wants.

I had seen her a few weeks prior to our visit and asked her to get out the family photo album for when we stopped, which is what I am looking at in this photo. There were many photos that I had never seen, including some with me in them! She had me take some of the ones I didn't have, especially those of my dad when he was a young child. Thankfully, she had written on the backs of the photos, telling who, what ages, etc., so I have a couple of Dad as a 2 and 3 year old, with my aunts and uncles not much older (Dad was the "baby"). :)

Back at home it seemed like we'd never been away. Reality comes back with a rush......I guess that isn't so bad though......not when one is retired. ;)

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