Monday, April 12, 2010

"Properties on the Peninsula's....."

Saturday morning, we drove up Old Mission Peninsula to check out a couple of pieces of real estate that I had found while searching online. The 1st was an older condo in Port of Old Mission. Unfortunately, there wasn't an open house that day, but we were fortunate in that we could see a new model that was open. It was, of course, beautiful and had a fantastic view of East Bay. Too bad the day was overcast, but the bay shows up "slightly" in this photo.

The great room was big, open, and had fantastic light from all of the windows.

Plus, the deck went from outside the upstairs bedroom, past the great room, wrapping itself around the end of the condo, too.

After looking at the condo, the 2nd piece of real estate was an older farmhouse outside the Village of Old Mission. I do not know why we didn't take any photos of it, but this is the view from in front of the garage. The farmhouse had a lot of character, a great location in relation to the shoreline, but needed some work. We looked at it merely out of my interest in seeing it. It is too far away from TC for both of us.

On Tuesday we went for another drive, this time on Leelanau Peninsula, in search of another house that I had found online. I knew that it, too, would be too far away from TC, but it intrigued me. The online photos showed some of the interior and having a wood burning stove, along with a wood burning fireplace, plus many huge windows in the great room, drew me to it like a moth to a flame.

Here is a view of the rear of the house. The front of the house doesn't look like much, which I knew from the online photos, but I also knew it had a lot of glass in the back. Don hadn't planned on getting out of the car (as I mentioned, no curb appeal), but got out to look after I motioned for him to when I saw what was around back.......

The view was spectacular.......a deep valley filled with trees. But that wasn't all.......

A screen room, which felt like a tree house!

A very cool piece of real estate.

More tomorrow of our exploration of Leelanau Peninsula.

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Barb said...

don't you just love looking at houses? It's one of my favorite pass times. If ever in my life I have a free Sunday afternoon, wanna go "open housing?"