Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Don's Walk Continued......"

Another extremely long post, but I didn't want to stretch it out further.

Don continued his walk around the grounds and these photos are basically from behind Grand Traverse Commons, with the exception of a few near the end.

Not having gone on the walk with Don, but having driven around with him prior to his walk, I have seen these buildings and places, but from a car window, and can only show you photos without any real knowledge of what is going on......just "speculate". Please bare with me.........

Some of the areas look really "urban" and desolate, but in reality, there is a lot of work going on. Many of the buildings you are about to see have positive futures, but have to wait their turn for renovation.

A once beautiful building sitting and looks rather ominous, doesn't it? Can't you imagine it in a thunder/lightening scene in a horror movie with flashes of lightening in the dark of a storm and wind blowing? Of course, there would be music to set the mood, too. ;)

Where are the movie location scouts when you need them?

This tree is on the unpaved road which meanders around to the rear of Building 50. You'll understand why Don took its photo as you scroll down to the following photo. ;)

Who would have guessed, eh?

I haven't mentioned this before and now seems a good time, but when this health facility started, it was basically self sustaining. It had barns of various livestock, a dairy, fields for grain, and gardens for produce. And as you can see by this grave stone, a record breaking dairy cow. A life of 16 years.......I just read that most dairy cows these days (that are on "factory farms") live perhaps 3-4 years before they are culled, while those who live on smaller farms and are allowed grass pastures for the majority of their feed, live up to 20 years. I guess the folks here knew what they were doing, eh?

Evidently there are some primitive nature lovers in the area, too. :)

The old cistern for the facility.

A popular "art" spot, eh?

These stairs are part of the many trails which are throughout the property.......

A view from the wooded area towards Building 50 (red roofed spires in the background).

Although not an attractive area now, you can see where shades of paint colors are being tested for future work.

Some other buildings on the property in the following photos......

The plans for this renovation are set, although things have slowed down considerably due to the economy.

The specific plan for this building. In Building 50, there is a condo, which I believe is for sale, that was designed to show what the suites would look like in the Inn. Of course, it is beautiful. :)

This is situated at the beginning of the drive into the Commons......

As is this on the opposite corner.

What began as a cloudy, cold, and dreary looking day, ended up bright and sunny (although, it stayed pretty cool). We went out to dinner at Scott's Harbor Grill, situated on West Grand Traverse Bay, slightly north of the downtown area. Behind me is Traverse City........

In the last photo, the flash did something to the colors, so I added this to show you the true colors of the day......


MollyBeees said...

Beautiful photos! The one of you in the hat is AWESOME!

Barb said...

This whole project is absolutely fascinating. Is there interest in redeveloping the farming/livestock portions of the original operation? That sure would get my attention.:) Any commercial size greenhouses waiting to be restored?