Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Cake and Presents!"

Cake and presents! How can anything beat that combo, eh? :)

Here is Claire bringing out the birthday cake that Don had "hidden" in the closet. Earlier in the day, I had driven him to the bakery to pick up a box of "bagels". As if.........

Me, my 60th birthday cake, and Don.........(so MUCH sweetness!)

Thankfully, there weren't 60 candles to blow out! :)

While we sat and visited, Don had his laptop's screen saver go through the hundreds of family photos that he has scanned. It was a crowd pleaser and many, many comments were made as various photos appeared. In the one shown, I'm on the far right. That photo would have been taken in the late 1970's. I'm sure you can tell that Sean was making a smart a--ed comment. ;)

One of my presents, were 2 tee shirts that Patrick and Julie had made up for me. I had been given the original tee shirt like this when Patrick was a park ranger out at Bechler Ranger Station, in Yellowstone National Park. It has always been my favorite tee shirt, and unfortunately, was beginning to look like swiss cheese due to the many, many holes in it, but that didn't deter me from continuing to wear it in the privacy of our home. :) Now, I can "retire" it and begin anew with 2 new ones.

Patrick and Julie also got me a bottle of Grand Traverse Vodka. Very fine vodka, and I say this from experience. ;)

Claire (as if she needed to do more after her surprise of just being here!) and Sean, bought a variety of gourmet items from Chandler's General Store in Petoskey, MI. This package of chocolate covered bacon, is just one of the numerous mouth watering items which filled the gift bag. How does White Truffle Infused Olive Oil sound, too? :)

The last box I opened was from Don (again, as if he, too, hadn't done enough already). It was a framed photo of an ELECTRIC ASSIST TREK BIKE!!!!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I will be cruising about this Spring on the electric assist bike that we had taken test rides on last summer. His comment was, "I bought it so that you could keep up with me" hummmmm. Perhaps someone will have trouble keeping up with me, eh? ;)

The kids soon left after that but we had plans on seeing most of them the next day. Sean had to work, but we picked up Claire and drove down to The Blue Slipper in Onekama, MI, meeting Patrick, Julie, and Abigail for Easter dinner. The fun continued..........


Angela said...

Chocolate covered bacon?? I think my hubby would love that.

yardsnacker said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MIKE! That vodka sure brings out your smile! wink wink!