Thursday, April 29, 2010

"April's Crank In........."

Last Saturday was the local monthly gathering of "crankers" at the Hawthorne Branch Library on East Washington.

Here Barbara is helping Chet, who, along with his wife Judy, drove down from the Green Bay area for the crank in. He'd just received his NZAK last week and had a few questions about using it (remember my mentioning the big learning curve?).

Chet's wife Judy, who is a hand knitter.

Renice, setting up her machine after a long hiatus. She has been in Florida for a number of months.

Joan concentrating on her knitting........

And another new "cranker", Cindy, from Illinois.

The day was a nice time as usual and I look forward to next months crank in, May 22....same place (Hawthorne Branch Library/East Washington, Madison), same time (9 AM-4 PM).

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Our Mission: said...

Sorry I missed the Crank-in, I had a nasty cold. It was fun to see everyone's photos though. :)