Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Traverse City's Grand Traverse Commons......"

Don and I are renting a condo at the Grand Traverse Commons for our visit. When we were in TC a couple of years ago, we were taken on a tour of a number of the condos, both finished and a few in the process of being renovated. The one we are in was for sale and if we'd been able to move to TC at that time, we'd have made an offer. It is a very comfortable condo, and we are enjoying our time here very much. The one we are staying in is the one with the circular window in the peak, which also includes 2 windows both left and right of it, kitchen and bedroom respectively.

A closer view of "the" condos windows. :) Yes, the weather was quite warm that day so we had the window over the kitchen sink open.

Saturday, The Commons was also hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, thus the Easter Bunny, egg baskets, and kids. :)

The Easter Bunny also made it indoors, too, during the Farmers Market. During the winter, the Farmers Market, which is held outside on Friday's in the warmer seasons, is held inside along the halls of the retail shops on the Garden Level of Building 50.

A few photos from the inside of the condo we're renting.

The view from where I am writing this.........

I, of course, brought knitting along to keep me busy on our "off hours" from visiting family and exploring the area. ;)

Here I am at the "computer station". We have Wi-Fi and could sit anywhere in the condo, but prefer to use the laptop plugged in and this is a convenient spot to do that, as it is set up as a desk area.

I haven't mentioned that we were in TC not only to see family for Easter, but also to celebrate my 60th birthday, too. Those photos soon to follow........ ;)


TC_BokBok said...


First let me say welcome to TC once again. I hope you enjoy your stay and you've picked a great spot to do it. Let me also say sorry for the bad weather.

Happy 60th birthday as well!

Barb said...

Wow! Looks like a great kitchen. I can see why you like it.

MollyBeees said...

The outdoor Easter Bunny looks like he is preparing to eat that little girl in a stunning turn about is fair play attack!

Angela said...

The kids and I were in the Mercato and at the egg hunt that morning. In the Mercato, the booth behind the bunny is Olds Farm; I buy the best chicken from Josh. They also "processed" my three roosters for me. The condo is gorgeous; Dylan and I noticed the open window. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Happy 60th.