Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Leland, Michigan....."

On our drive up through some of Leelanau Peninsula, we stopped in Leland to check out this little area. It is very interesting and we took many photos. Going on vacation has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. No tourists in the way for taking photographs, but usually not many shops open either. Thankfully, we are not the shopping types. ;)

Some of the buildings were lived in, as was the small 2 story structure across the river.

While others, like the hotel on the right, would open later when the "season" became busier. I'm not sure I would be too interested in staying at the hotel......the rushing water going over the dam was quite loud.

One of the fishing boats.......a style common to Lake Michigan. I grew up in the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area, and as a kid, remember many boats of this style docked along the St. Joseph River

A view towards Lake Michigan. A wooden fishing net winder/dryer behind me. I have no idea as to its correct/true name, but know they wound fishing nets onto them to dry.

Another view towards the lake which shows a docked charter fishing boat.

There seemed to be shops/living spaces on another "street", too. Another fishing net rack, this one made out of pipe.

A tourist shop that was basically empty but for a few items awaiting the coming season.

A very rustic area......

A view towards the dam from out near the charter boat.

Although the day was overcast, gloomy, and cold, we enjoyed our time exploring. From Leland, we continued driving north to Northport, before turning around and coming back down the west coast of West Bay to Traverse City.


Barb said...

Reminds me of a fishing village I visited in Scotland. Very picturesque.

yardsnacker said...

Love these pictures. Really great, almost like I took a vacation too!