Monday, May 3, 2010

"In the Greenhouse......"

In this photo of the Aero Garden, some of the seedlings have already been transplanted into pots in the greenhouse. As of now, the only seedlings left in the Aero Garden are the tomato plants (far left), which will most likely not be my main producers this year, as I believe I planted them too late. I have bought 3 larger tomato plants from the nursery, but will also give these a try, too, in hopes they do some major "catching up".

On the left are the squash that were started in the Aero Garden. This photo was taken earlier last week and they are growing very well. The multitude of seedlings are Sweet Basil. I had a package of seeds left over (and not stored properly) and decided to sow the seeds heavily in hopes of getting a few of them to sprout. Surprise! They all seem to have sprouted, so I will be giving away many, many, sweet basil plants this year to anyone who wants some. (hint, hint.....please ask!)

As you can see, I have a flat of sweet basil seedlings that I have already transplanted. I now have 2 with still more seedlings in need of transplanting. Also in the photo are the transplanted chives and various basils that were started in the Aero Garden. They do not look too happy in this photo, but all have new growth and look stronger daily. Behind the transplants are some pots of new strawberry plants.

I bought a bundle of bare root strawberry plants to try my luck with them in pots. The 3 gray pots are our deck railing planters. I reasoned that if cherry tomatoes could be harvested from the amount of sun these pots get, why not strawberries, too? We'll see, eh? I had other extra pots and planted the strawberries in those as well, thinking they will be able to be set in other areas where we get the most sun.

We'll also see how well they do in hanging pots, too.......

Morning light inside the greenhouse. I have 3 hanging pots with strawberries in them, but will most likely end up with only 2. Some of the strawberry plants are not making it, so I will re-plant a few using the ones from hanging pots. Earlier this week I re-organized the greenhouse, too, in hopes of providing more flat space to set pots/flats on for transplants. I was able to bring in another set of sturdy plastic shelving from the garage, placing it on the left, next to the other set of shelving (where the red lawn bucket is in the photo) and now have more area to set plants so that they receive better sunlight.

I will try to remember to take a few more current photos to post this week, too. The changes that I see daily in the greenhouse are remarkable!


Maniphone said...

Can you ship some sweet basil to ND? Ha! Your plants look awesome!

Barb said...

I have greenhouse envy. Beautiful!

Thanks for publishing shots of the squash, now I know for sure that's what's growing in my compost.

I love the idea of strawberries in planters. The bunnies will never get them! Are you going to pinch flowers this year and harvest next?

Are those peas in the Aero Garden? It's amazing what can grow in a teensy bit of soil.

MollyBeees said...

If your plants all die, it's because I looked at the pic of them. My thumb is that black. My apologies!

yardsnacker said...

Oh a greenhouse! Thanks for the reminder, I need to get my squash going now. We're having January weather in May so I think that's what is throwing me off! Can't wait till everything is producing for you! You've got quite the green thumb! I too got bare root strawberries, we'll have to compare notes!