Friday, May 14, 2010

"A Few Photos From North Dakota......"

Over time, Maniphone sends me a number of photos of life in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I place them on my desktop until I am able to include them on my blog, but unfortunately, I usually forget I have them on there, and they are not posted in a timely manner. Today is a day for North Dakota. :)

Here is a felted market bag that I knitted for Maniphone a number of months ago.

Henry using it for animal rides.....

As you may remember, Jonathan is a master wood worker. I've posted some of his furniture pieces on here before. It seems if you give the man a board, he can do anything. ;)

Here is a "before" photo of a storage area in their basement.

The same area "after". Amazing, isn't it?

Truly a beautiful piece of work. Custom designed, too, of course!

Great Job Jonathan!!! I look forward to seeing the next project.

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