Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Tenney Lock"

On one of our bike rides this past weekend, we rode over to Tenney Lock to watch the boaters go through. The boat traffic was much heavier than usual as the day was beautiful....and HOT!

The lock was full with these 4 boats which were just released and allowed into Lake Mendota.

These 4 boats were patiently waiting to be allowed into the lock.

After the lock drained down to the level of the Yahara River, it opened the gate and in they came.....

The gate closed and the water began rising to Lake Mendota's level....the process began all over again. The man who runs the locks came out to make sure all the boats were situated correctly, chatting to us as he walked along the lock. He mentioned that he used to be able to get 6 boats in the lock at a time, but now the usual amount is 4. Most boats are bigger than they used to be, with swim platforms extending the length of the boats even more.

As hot as it was, we had a beautiful ride. I think we did 21.4 miles that day, with 14 miles on Sunday. We took my bike in for some adjustments yesterday. Thankfully, the service tech heard the same little noises that we did. :) We had to leave it, and hopefully, I will get a call today to come and pick it up.

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