Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Will It Grow?"

The next growing "experiment" is grass seed in the backyard. I'm sure that most of you do not know this, but I HATE mowing, so why am I trying to grow more of the stuff? Well, the chicken run used to enclose this area and we've since made the run smaller. The soil was totally bare due to the chickens scratching and enjoying every little bit of grass that grew there (which in reality, probably wasn't all that much to begin with). So, we chose to replant the area with a shade grass seed and now await its growth......hopefully not in vain. This will be the first of several sections of lawn that I plan on reseeding. As long as I have to mow anyway, it may as well be a thicker lawn to mow, eh?

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yardsnacker said...

Not to late to plant golf green grass and make a mini put put course! Buffalo grass I think is a grass you don't have to mow, looks like shag carpet though.