Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Getting Ready for Winter….."

Don's been quite busy doing some outdoors things in preparation for our upcoming Winter.

First was the job of taking down and storing our screen room.  We'd actually been planning on disassembling it for a few weeks but had been waiting for a dry day to do it.  As you can see, "the dry day" never arrived, and with the arrival of the heavy wet snow, it couldn't be postponed any longer, and had to be taken down when wet.  Thankfully, we have the large loft in the garage and it could be partially set up there to dry.

It seems so strange to look out through the kitchen window or from around the corner on the upper deck and see the space empty where it sat all Summer and now have all this open space.  It was such and integral part of our morning coffee and iPad using routine.  ;)

Yesterday saw Don down in the guest rooms egress window well.  We wanted it to be thoroughly cleaned out before we build the clear polycarbonate roof over it.  Patrick is coming tomorrow to help me build it.  Like his helping me build the new raised bed……."HE" builds and I assist.  ;)

We don't know when the egress window well had last been cleaned out, but it had a very thick layer of well rotted leaves, basically "ready" compost in it.  Don took all of the debris out, down to the sandy soil, so it is now ready for its protective cover to be built above it.  The cover will still allow light and fresh air in but will keep most, if not all, of the falling leaves and snow out of the window well, and will , of course, not be attached to the well frame, but be removable in case of an emergency.  Patrick and I have talked about possibly tacking hardware cloth or screen to the side supports, but figured we wait until the cover was build before we made the final decision.

I am so happy Don is retired!  He has been doing quite a few things around the house that if he'd been working "outside the home", would have been left to me to do.  Yes, it allows me more time to watch my soaps on TV and eat bon bon's.  LOL  

This photo gives you a good idea of just how large this window well is……….

Now to get some curtains, eh?  ;)


KatoWi said...

If you scroll the picture of Don in the window up and down, he appears to jump out at you.....or is it just me?

Nice work, guys!

dc said...

I think toward spring you need to use this area to start plants and maybe even fill it with geraniums or something for a "view" from the window. you prob already thought of that.

MadCityMike said...

DC……unfortunately, this window faces North-Northwest and never gets full sun at any time of the year. Otherwise, yes, it would be a great place for starting and growing plants.