Friday, October 18, 2013

"Lean To Protection....."

Now that the firewood has all been stacked, I wanted to protect it as much as possible from the "elements".  I decided that small tarps attached to the framework might suffice, and bought several 6'x8' camouflage print tarps that I thought would fit well.  I also bought large washers to extend past and protect the grommets in the tarp, before securing the tarp to the lean to's frame with wood screws.

As you can see, Don is "ever ready" with his camera.  ;)

The tarps fit pretty well but will also allow airflow through, too.  Hopefully, we won't have too strong of winds that the tarps push inward too much and topple the stacked wood.

The next 2 photos show the "finished" look.

It sort of looks like a really BIG deer hunters stand, eh?  ;)

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