Friday, October 11, 2013

"Abigail's Presents......"

After our dessert, we all sat down to watch Abigail open her birthday presents.  This photo shows the last calm moment we had.  How about Miss Abigail's look/body language of resigned patience.  LOL

It all happened so fast that Don didn't even get to take any photos, until Sean's gifts for Abigail were already out, quickly looked at, and on to the ones from Aunt Claire!  It is hard to reign in a 4 year old when presents are beckoning!  LOL  Thank goodness Patrick was close at hand to help direct her excitement.  :)

Uncle Sean and Aunt Claire were quite generous with their gifts of Legos.

Birthday cards slowed things down for a few minutes (seconds?)......

Abigail's last gift from us was a baby Giraffe, which I am happy to say, she liked very much.  :)

Patrick and Julie didn't know we had gotten her one and we didn't know they had gotten her one big final surprise gift until they had arrived at our house.  Are you ready to see it?  ;)

Yes, a BIG Giraffe, who has now become "the Mommy Giraffe" to her baby Giraffe from us.  We had one little happy birthday girl!

Our other Birthday Girl, Julie, got to open a few gifts, too.  First, was her flashing light filled birthday card which played "Celebrate".  :)

Next was an assortment of home canned, dried, and baked items.  Not exactly anything personal for her, but hopefully she finds them all quite tasty and enjoys them.  ;)

Then it was time for them the head home.....after all, it was a "school night".  We ALL know what that means, eh?  ;)  Little Miss Abigail was a bit concerned on where Mommy Giraffe was going to ride, but  Patrick assured her she would be fine sleeping in the back of the car like she did when they came up here.  That seemed to satisfy her and the packing of the car began.......

Here is another photo which should give you another perspective on just how large Mommy Giraffe is. ;)

We all had a wonderful time and look forward to the next gathering.  We've mentioned to Patrick that we would be happy to do the same again for his birthday in November, which lands on a Friday.  Perhaps if it works out, we'll have a "larger" family gathering to celebrate his birthday.  ;)

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