Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Barb and Geoff's Tour Continued......"

After driving back down Old Mission Peninsula, we proceeded to "The Filling Station" for a beer and a couple of their flatbread pizzas.  We considered the pizzas as appetizers.  ;)

Barb had read the post of mine about the Community Children's Garden and asked to see it in person, so after the beer and pizza, off across the tracks we went.

Many of the plants in the raised beds have been harvested and the beds are "being put to sleep", so to speak, and are being cleaned out and dressed with additional manure and/or peat moss.  I was truly amazed to see the size of the Dill heads......they are HUGE!

Next stop was "Left Foot Charley" so Barb and Geoff could taste the hard cider that Don raved about......he loves their "Cinnamon Girl Hard Cider".  We sat near the merchandise area and all tried on this cap.

Yep........Don and I bought it to "share".  :)

Then on to "Sleder's" for dinner and back home.

This concludes what we hope is the first of many Barb and Geoff's "Great Interlochen Adventures".  :)

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Barb said...

It was an absolutely delightful visit and we too look forward to many repeat performances. Another HUGE thanks to Don and Michael for being such wonderful hosts.