Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Our John Deere Tractor Delivered!"

YEA!!!!  We'd ordered our new tractor about a month ago but had to wait longer than usual for it to be delivered because the "hard top cab with electric windshield wiper" wasn't available right away.  :)  We definitely think it was worth the extra wait.  :)

Joe, was our "Classic Motor Sports" ( delivery, service, and instructor of the "at home general maintenance", explaining the "how to, when to, and how often".  Here I am with Joe removing the protective wrap from around the cab.

After the plastic wrap was off and all the straps securing the tractor to the trailer had been removed, Joe backed the tractor off the trailer and drove it over to the cement pad next to the garage.  Before he did anything else, he adjusted the front skids to accommodate our driveway, noticing when he drove in its sandy soil makeup and surface.

You can see Don was out to document the delivery when you see me posing, eh?  LOL

I look so serious!  Thank goodness all of Joe's information is in the instruction booklet, too! (Plus Don was taking notes as well......when not taking photos!)  ;)  Joe was very thorough and explained everything as many times as needed, and patiently answered all of our questions.

Joe then had me get in and practice everything from starting the tractor, engaging the snowblower, then releasing the parking brake, before having me take it for a spin.  :)

Off I go!

And go......

Before turning around to head back.  It was TOO FUN!

As you can see, I'm having a lot of fun just writing about the tractor and posting photos, so will postpone adding more.  To be continued......   :)

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