Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Our Last Full Day Together……"

The 4 of us had another leisurely morning before going out for a hike through the woods.  Don has been exploring and has found a trail that takes us from our house in a round about way to the airport and back via another trail.

Mark was in heaven walking in the woods.  He was able to this when he was younger and it brought back wonderful memories.

Lisetta and Mark in front of our house.

Mark had done a short walk the morning before but this was the first time Lisetta had been shown around the property.  Here she is with Don about to check out the Little Studio.

Lisetta and me under Autumn Clematis on the log arbor.

We then got in the car and headed towards Traverse City once again.  We were going to pass Classic Motors, where we had bought our tractor, and they are a Harley Davidson dealer, too.  We knew Mark loves Harley's… we stopped.  :)  It was LOVE at first sight!

Don, from Classic Motors, knew we weren't going to buy anything, but he seemed to just enjoy talking about the beautiful bikes!  He and Mark shared some "on the road" stories, too.

I thought this one fit Don quite well.

But he may have preferred this one better.  ;)

After leaving the Harley dealer, we continued on our way and stopped at The Blue Tractor for a late lunch/early dinner before driving up Old Mission Peninsula, stopping at the "usual scenic overlook" where we can see both East and West Bays at the same time.  We were very fortunate to have the sun break through the clouds when we stopped, allowing us to take this gorgeous photo of Power Island between Old Mission Peninsula and Leelaunau Peninsula.

Talk about timing!  We were just about to pull out back onto the road when we saw this rainbow over East Bay!

Once back on the road, we headed to another favorite place of ours to show Mark and Lisetta.  The Old Mission General Store.

That was the last photo we were able to take because it was getting dark quickly.  We did drive up to the Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse State Park, but by the time we got there it was too dark for any more photos.  We did, however, get to see the sunset when we walked out to the shore in front of the lighthouse.  We saw it peek through several dark cloud banks as it slowly sank down the horizon.  Beautiful!

We then headed back towards home, but took a different route home so that we could stop at Moomer's Ice Cream Shop, which is located out on a farm West of Traverse City.  Moomer's is very well know (AND LOVED!) up here, having absolutely delicious ice cream.  :)

Mark and Lisetta left the following morning, resigned at having to go back to work the next day.  We had a wonderful time with them and hope they come visit again.

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