Monday, October 21, 2013

"Don's Turn....."

After I finished "tooling" around in the tractor, I came back and helped Joe take the little John Deere trailer off the back of his truck.  We were quite lucky to be at the right place at the right time in buying this trailer.  It is a used one and is in perfect condition.  It is a bit larger than the new ones being offered.  It will be great for hauling firewood from behind the garage to the front porch, plus I'm sure there will be other uses for it.

The back can be taken off to haul longer things, too, plus by pulling a cotter pin, it will tilt and dump its load.  The previous owner sprayed it with some sort of "Rhino Liner", thus the scratched surface inside.

After thanking Joe and seeing him on his way, it was Don's turn to take the tractor out for a spin.  You thought "I" loved driving it?  OH, Don does, too!

Off he goes.......

I thought he was going to drive all the way to State Park Highway, but he held back and only went as far as the curve.....

Before turning around and heading back.

Don handled the tractor like a real pro.  What could be next?  A couple of 4 wheelers in our future?  LOL

He parked it back by the lean to containing the stacked firewood.

Yeah.....there is a very happy grin under that beard.  ;)

We were not able to buy the size "hoop-style", tarp covered, storage unit that we wanted, so we will have to order it.  Meanwhile, we've parked the tractor in the workshop area in the garage.  It fits nicely in there, but in order for us to use it, we'd have to pull the car out to get the tractor out, so it is not feasible to store it in there when we are dealing with snow removal.  We'd have to shovel to get the car not gonna happen.  ;)

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Barb said...

Great trailer! Now that I see it, I'm reminded of a question Geoff raised a couple days ago: how easy is it to take off the snow blower attachment? I can imagine you guys wanting to use the trailer all year round.