Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Barb and Geoff's Visit- Day 2......"

Sunday morning was quite a bit cooler and still somewhat overcast from the storm the night before.  That certainly did not stop us from our "planned" tour of Old Mission Peninsula.  ;)

We drove up the Peninsula and stopped at the scenic turn out that allows one to see both East and West Bays from the same place.  A very nice young woman asked if we'd like her to take a group photo of us....of course, we were delighted since it is the only one of us all together.  :)

As I mentioned, it was cooler and on the Peninsula, noticeably more windy, too.  Right after this photo was taken, we all added more layers of clothing for warmth.  ;)

Next stop on our tour was The Old Mission General Store.  Many, many items to catch ones interest in here!

A nice close up of Barb, Geoff, and Don.....

Built at the tip of the Peninsula is Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse.

We decided to hike out to the end of a tiny spit of land that juts out from the Peninsula, which when the water of Lake Michigan is higher, is under water.  As you can see by the various sized growth of vegetation, some areas have been underwater more recently, leaving other areas as very small islands.  I took this photo about halfway out to the end.

Here is a photo taken from the same place but directed the opposite direction.

Here we are at the end of the narrow spit of land with Old Mission Lighthouse in the far distance.

This is a close up of the mound we were standing upon..........quite surprising, eh?  ALL shells!

Our parting photo of Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse.  Quite a difference in size and grandeur between this and Leelaunau Peninsula's Lighthouse, eh?

To be continued.....

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