Friday, October 4, 2013

"Sunset at the TC Library....."

As I mentioned yesterday, the Traverse City Library property adjoins the Community Garden.  We entered the garden via the "side gate" so to speak, but when we left, we left through the main entrance, where this sculpture presided.

Following a grassy side path, we came upon this cute little seat.  It definitely was intended for a smaller person than Don.  ;)

Further along the grassy path stood this wooden train.  I think this is VERY, VERY cool!  The first "people car" from the engine was being used by a young couple and their child for a private little dinner setting.  :)

Don and Elspeth fit nicely in the caboose.  :)

Just outside the Library, we found this constructed "bare bones" frame with a variety of willow planted around its base, which will eventually grow enough to cover the simple frame and create an enclosed space.  Don and I might have to consider something like this for a grape arbor, eh?  ;)

On our way around the Library, we found this one last exhibit.......a "Human Sundial".  Here are the instructions.

And here is Don following those instructions.  The sundial was, of course, totally accurate.  ;)

Our friends Bruce and Elspeth, after a visit we all heartily enjoyed, left to head back to Madison the following morning, driving the "northern route" through the Upper Peninsula.  The drive takes approximately an hour longer compared to driving the "southern route" around Chicago, but what a difference in traffic........and scenery!   ;)

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