Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"New Mailbox......"

Don finished installing our new mailbox (at the request of our mailman) yesterday.  When we moved here, we talked about changing it out for a larger one, but it wasn't "top priority".

Soon after we moved in, Don happened to have walked to the mailbox to see if the mail had arrived, when the mailman pulled up.  The mailman politely (?) informed him that the mailbox should be 4" higher and 6" closer to the road.  Did he tell the former owners and they never did anything about it?  If that was the case, it had been in this position for 14 years!  (The old post can be seen in the photo)

Hopefully, the mailman will be pleased with Don's installation.  If not, perhaps it will be another 14 years before he says anything.  Regardless, we like the mailbox.  By the way, it is exactly the same model we had in Madison.  Kind of ironic, eh?  ;)

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