Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Barb and Geoff's Leelaunau Peninsula Tour Continued......."

Our main destination that day was to go out to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.  It truly is a beautiful setting on the Northern tip of the Peninsula.

I guess I will have to begin looking around for "unwanted" boats so I can use them as "raised garden beds".  The height would be good for soil depth, plus there are seats to set ones garden tools and eventually ones harvest basket.  ;)

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse is a beautiful, yet sturdily built, structure.  That is an understatement, since it was built in 1858.  ;)

We also walked down to the shore, which as I mentioned earlier, is the Northern most tip of Leelaunau Peninsula.

As you can see in this photo (Sorry Barb!), people have been building cairns everywhere along the shore.......Barb being no exception.  ;)

Some either had been erected prior to the waters rise or they had done a little wading to erect their cairns.

After leaving the Lighthouse, our plan was to drive down the West side of Leelaunau Peninsula to Empire and Glen Arbor, but we made it only as far as Leland before heading back towards home.  A HUGE storm had been brewing all day and was imminent, so we decided we'd best cut through the Peninsula to avoid the worst of it.  We actually made it home before it broke, where we happily stayed for the rest of the evening.

Day 2's tour tomorrow........... 

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