Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Birthdays Celebration....."

Tuesday, October 8th, we gathered here to celebrate my daughter in laws birthday (belatedly) from September 25th, and Abigail's birthday that day.  Abigail turned 4!!!  Unfortunately, Sean was in Detroit and Claire in Chicago, but they'd sent their gifts for Abigail to Patrick, so those were brought along and would be opened that night, too.

Don set the table while I went one final time to the grocery to pick up a few last minute things for the celebration.  He got to "re-set" the table after I came home because I found a few things that had "Zebra Stripes" on them........Zebra's are one of Abigail's favorite animals.  And since we had gotten Abigail a birthday card with "Dora the Explorer" on it, why not add a balloon with her on it, too.  We have to stick to a theme, right?  ;)

Oh yeah.......and a banner for the banister.  ;)

The kids arrived and while things were baking in the kitchen, there was time for exploring Grandpa Don's trails, etc., winding back up on the deck for a little rest.  Of course, Dora went exploring, too.  ;)

While Abigail, Grandpa Don, and Patrick were "out and about", Julie (our other birthday girl) and I picked some tomatoes for her to take home.

Another photo opportunity! ;)

Then Abigail was back inside and upstairs where Grandpa Don's piano is located.  They played a duet together.....a rather "unusual" Moonlight Sonata.  ;)

After dinner was eaten, it was time for dessert!  Here I am lighting the 4 candles on Abigail's chocolate birthday cake.

Abigail will get her wish, I'm sure, since she blew out all of her candles in one attempt!

Abigail had a chocolate cake for her birthday and I'd baked a cheesecake for Julie, with homemade cherry topping, and my Mom's chocolate sauce.  It wasn't only Abigail's eyes that lit up that night!  LOL

Our girls birthday celebration to be continued.....

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Maniphone said...

oh, you are amazing Grandpa Michael! The cakes looked delicious!