Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"1st Fire in the Wood Stove...."

It was all worth it.  ;)  Yes, those many days/hours of stacking (and re-stacking.....LOL) all that wood of those 2 truckloads of firewood dumped into huge piles, was definitely worth the time and sweat equity because we are now reaping the benefit with our 1st fire in the wood stove.  With temperatures dipping into the 30's at night and only reaching in the high 40's during the day, we are enjoying the warm and soothing comfort of wood heat.

Now to hone our skills in adjusting the airflow and baffle to get the most out of each piece of firewood.

Lopi Wood Stoves are still in production, although they no longer produce our model, the Endeavor.  However, their website does still have the Endeavor's owners manual available, which was wonderful in learning what external adjustment rod did what.  :)

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