Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"The Slab Wood Stacked....."

I realized this morning that I hadn't posted the photos of completing the task of stacking the truckload of slab wood.  I'd posted the fallen stack, but not the completed task.

This is where the truckload of slab wood was dumped.  I'm not sure if I enjoy seeing this empty area more than the stacked wood........but after thinking about it (one whole second!), I think I like seeing it all neatly stacked more.  ;)

Don, my photo documenter, took some photos prior to my completing the stacking.  I used the pieces from the fallen stack to fill in the closer section between the lean to's supports, deciding that alternating rows of wood perpendicular to each other was the way to get a sturdy stack.

We also bought strong metal fence posts, driving them into the ground for firm end supports for the smaller rows of stacked wood.

Unfortunately, it took me until after I filled the log rack on the front porch to realize how much more efficient it was to load the wheelbarrow with pieces from the pile and then take it to where it was to be stacked.  Sigh......sometimes it takes an "old dog" a bit longer to learn things.  ;)

Here is a photo of the completed stacks of slab wood.  There are 3 of the short rows.

The slab wood, along with the regular split firewood, plus the many tubs of short and irregular pieces that we will use for kindling, should give us many, many days of warmth this coming cold season.

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