Friday, November 1, 2013

"Ready for Winter……."

Finally……all the raised beds are"put to sleep" with their layer of straw covering them.

The right end of the "wagon wanna be" raised bed (the section between hoop 1 and hoop 2), and the end section of the old long raised bed, next to the White Pine, have been planted with cloves of garlic and dill seeds.  Hopefully, planting the garlic cloves in pure commercial compost will encourage them to set good roots (like a tulip bulb) throughout the Winter and send up healthy green shoots in the Spring.  Dill plants usually "self sow", but I helped these a bit by throwing some of the dill seed which had grown in another bed near the garage.

 The back deck looks so empty (and SPACIOUS!) since Don took down and stored the screen room.

A larger view of the back of the house and raised beds.  The raised beds connected to the arbor, plus those out from it, have not been cleaned out yet.  I started cleaning out the raised ends for planting in early to mid June, but stopped doing any more because the plants had grown too much in those beds that I would have probably done more harm to them than good.  Next Spring I'll get them cleaned out earlier and get them in better condition by adding more compost, peat moss, and organic slow release fertilizer.

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