Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Transfer and 2nd Fermentation……"

The 1st week of fermentation of our wort is over and has been transferred into carboy #2 for another week of fermentation/clarifying.  More yeast particles(?) will settle to the bottom and the beer will become more clear.  ;)  It certainly smelled like beer when we transferred it……is it still technically called wort or can I now refer to it as "beer"?  I guess I will have yet another question to ask and get the answer to the next time we go to Bad Teacher Brewing Supply, eh?  ;)

Here is what carboy #2 looks like after the transfer.  As you can see, it already has a much clearer consistency, but is supposed to become even more clear during this next week.  Whatever minuscule solids in will settle to the bottom and when we transfer it to the 5 gallon "bottling bucket", it should be even more clear as it goes into individual bottles.

The foam and solids from the yeast, hops, and citrus peels that were a part of the first week of fermentation were, for the most part, left in the 1st carboy.  Now to clean and sanitize the 6.5 gallon carboy for future brews.  ;)

The 1st carboy was surprisingly easy to clean!  I suppose if not done fairly quickly after the transfer and allowed to dry onto the glass, it perhaps might have been a bit more of a challenge to get clean.  Its nice to be retired and be able to schedule time as needed.  ;)

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