Monday, November 25, 2013

"Humidifier" and "Lights"…….

We bought a cast iron tea kettle for on top of the wood stove to help bring some humidity into the house this Winter.  I knew it being made of cast iron it would be heavy, but didn't realize just how heavy!  I oiled and seasoned it in the oven before it was filled with water and set on the stove.  Hopefully, it will add a significant amount of moisture in the air…….

The end of the great room was a bit dark at night, too, so Don bought some small lights and installed them on the window to bring a bit of light during these early darkness hours.  Our parakeet, Sam, really enjoyed them and stayed outside her cage much later than her "normal" time.  Evidently the 50 lights and their reflections were like early morning stars to her?

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Janice Zindel said...

Fill it often! 19 years ago at a previous home we had a woodstove much like the one in your photo, and kept an oval cast iron pot (like in prevous L.L. Bean catalogs). Now, the woodburning range, I have my old Caphalon stock pot on the "cool" end. The other day I filled it when I started the fire; several hours later it was a little over half empty, I added another 5 quarts of water. They all help add much-needed humidity to the air. The piano also has a humidifier in it which needs water added frequently, watch for the blinking light!