Thursday, November 7, 2013

"My Job on Egress Window Well Cover….."

My job that had to be done after the window well cover was installed was to cut and attach easily removable sides.  I did that Tuesday and am pleased with the results.

I bought a camouflage print tarp, cutting 2 pieces to size, then added Velcro strips to both tarp and frame.  After making sure it fit correctly, I stapled the Velcro to the frame and brought the tarp piece in, sitting down at my sewing machine and securely attaching the Velcro strips to them.  Yes, I am pretty pleased with myself.  LOL

They are up just in time, too.  When I was out there working on them, I saw we'd already had a few leaves blown into the window well.  I'm sure that after the wind and rain yesterday, many more would have found their way into it.  ;)  Next test……seeing how well it keeps snow from inside the window well.

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